How Do I Prepare For A Window Installation?


Whether you are just having one new window installed, or you are swapping out all the windows in your home, it can be a disruptive experience (unless you have a completely empty room/house). So how can you best prepare for your installation?

Clear The Space

Many windows are installed from the outside, rather than the interior of your home. This is usually as the interior has been finished with plaster and decor, which fitters will do their best to avoid damage. This means that you will need to clear the exterior of your home in preparation.
Whether we are swapping out the downstairs or upstairs windows, we will need ample space in order to be able to safely manoeuvre both ourselves and the windows.
You will need to ensure that the ground is free of debris to allow the fitters to safely foot the ladders that are required. If we will require access to a neighbours property, please ensure that this is also taken into consideration and so that we have clear access.
Finishing off the fitting may include access to the interior of the window. Clearing space around the interior will be necessary, such as moving furniture and belongings. Not all windows are installed from the exterior, so you may want to create a larger interior space to prepare for this.

Cover Belongings

While a number of window installations will make a minimal mess, we cannot always guarantee this, so it is best to prepare for the most mess possible.
When it comes to the removal of the old window, we are never sure as to what state the surrounding bricks and plaster are in. This means that we can begin to remove what looks like a stable window and find that the plaster on either side has blown and creates an amount of debris inside your room. Likewise, we can begin to remove what looks like a rotten frame, to find excellent brickwork.
We recommend covering your belongings or carpets near the window in dust sheets or old blankets. Usually, this is just a matter of precaution.

Window Coverings

One of the most common preparations that people forget, is to remove your window coverings. Whether this is curtains, blinds or nets. If any of these are currently attached to your existing frames, the fitting will need to be removed in advance, likewise if the fitting will obstruct the new frame from being fitted.
Alongside your window coverings, you will need to remove all items from windowsills and we also recommend photos etc on the immediately surrounding wall.

If you are unsure if you need to move specific items or make adjustments, please contact a member of the team today who will be happy to advise you further. For information on our windows, please visit our dedicated windows page today or head over to our knowledge hub where you will find a range of answers to Frequently Asked Questions.