How To Find The Right Size Windows


Whether you’re  looking  to add insulation around your current set of doors or windows or are considering adding a new set of uPVC windows to your home, you’re going to find that window sizes are, more often than not, not bespoke, and that there is a great level of standardisation in regards to window sizes. 

Standard Window Sizes 

As previously stated, uPVC windows come in a variety of standardised sizes; however, while these sizes are standardised, they are not locked. This means that  it’s possible to have windows come in a wide variety of shapes.   

Standard Window Heights 

  • 150 cm
  • 135 cm
  • 120 cm
  • 105 cm
  • 60 cm
  • 45 cm

Standard Window  Width 

  • 177 cm
  • 129 cm
  • 91.5 cm
  • 63 cm
  • 48.8cm

How To Measure The Size Of Your Replacement Window

In order to get the precise measurements for your replacement windows, we recommend the following procedure: 

  1. To start with, you’ll be measuring the width of the window. To do that, measure the size of the window going from the left side of the window to the right, at the top, the middle section, and the bottom of the frame. 
  2. Of these three measurements, you’ll want to pick the shortest one and deduct 1 cm.  This will be the measurement you go with for width. 
  3. For height, you want to once again take three measurements. This time the measurements you pick will (obviously) be going from the top of the frame to the bottom. You should measure in three places: the window’s far left, the window’s centre, and the window’s far right. 
  4. Once again, the shortest measurement (with a subtracted 1 cm) will be the measurement you go with. Using this measurement will ensure that your new window has a snug fit. 

Finding the Right Size uPVC Window For Your Home

The above assumes that you’re simply replacing existing windows in your home; but  what do you do if you’re  installing a brand new window in your home? What if you’re hoping to add some more natural light to your home? What if you’re adding an extension and want to put in a window? 

Well, it used to be the case that adding more windows led to a less energy efficient home – that each additional window led to an increase in heat loss.  However, with developments in material science, the passive efficiency of double glazed windows has increased dramatically. This means that there is no longer a trade off between natural light and  energy efficiency. 

As such, the question is now not one of performance but rather privacy. A larger window will give your room much more natural light, but it will also allow more people to see into your home. There are ways of mitigating this, of course, such as netting, curtains and blinds. 

Ultimately, while there are practical considerations, ultimately the size of the windows you choose will depend on the style of your home and your own tastes. 

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