How to heat an orangery


We are often asked how to heat an orangery. The answer here is simple. The same as you would heat the rest of your house. You can treat your orangery as another room of your house.

What are my options?

Your options depend on the extent of the changes you are willing to make, or indeed the additions you want to make during your planning process.
Here are some of the more common options for heating your orangery:

Central Heating
If you have central heating running through your home, you can also extend this into your orangery. With the advances in radiator styles, you can now find a radiator that will fit right in with the space, even if your walls are only low. This option is easier to plan into the build, but is not impossible, with the right team, to include central heating after the initial build.

Electric Heaters
Many people heat their conservatories with electric heaters, and have done for many years. This style of heating can mean that the room is only heated when it is in use or when it needs to be. Included in this style of heating is electric fan heaters, electric radiators and gas plug in radiators.

Underfloor Heating
Underfloor heating has advanced greatly in recent years, meaning that more and more people are opting for this type of heating in a range of different extensions, this includes orangeries and conservatories.

Other Methods of Keeping Warm

There are other subtle changes that you can make to make the space warmer. These include having a carpet laid in the space (as with most options here this applies to conservatories too). If you want the space to be more versatile between winter and summer, invest in an oversized rug that you can keep out of the way in the summer.
Simple additions also include adding throws and cushions to give the warm effect.

For more information on orangeries, head over to our dedicated page, or take a look at our knowledge hub for a range of common questions. You can also contact our team if you still have questions or would like to book a discussion.