How to install blinds on new windows


When we have new windows installed, one of our biggest worries is doing damage to those new windows, frames and even the brickwork or plaster around the frames.
So when we are looking to put up new blinds, we take extra precautions to ensure we minimise any potential damage. Here we have a few tips to avoid damage.

Inside mounted

Inside mounted blinds are those that sit within the window space itself. Firstly ensure that you have correctly measured all elements before purchasing your blinds. This includes the usual length and width of the space, but for inside mounted blinds, you will also need to know the depth of the space. You will require a minimum of 3cm gap between the blinds and the window, this is to allow air into the space and reduce the risk of damage from condensation or possible mould. You will also need to ensure that there is ample space for when the blinds are open. When measuring the length, the best length is where the base rests on the window sill, this will stop the blinds moving around in any breeze and knocking your windows.
When installing inside mounted blinds, we do NOT recommend attaching them to the window frame itself. We have been out to replace windows and frames for customers that have had blinds drilled to the window frame. This will prematurely damage your frame and in turn potentially your window. Please avoid this.
For windows where there is no space above the frame to install your blinds, look into top mounted blinds. This will allow you to fit them to the underside of the window recession, and allow you to have it as close or far away from the window as you would like.
When drilling your holes to attach your blinds, start off with a smaller drill bit, and use gentle force to avoid damage. Where you can, use a protective sheet to avoid any abrasive brick dust getting onto your window.
From here please follow the instructions on your blinds as closely as you can, while taking great care.

Outside mounted

Where your blinds are mounted outside of your window recess, you run less risk of damage to your window on installation.
As with inside mounted, ensure that you take your measurements accurately. You will need to make sure that your blinds are wider than your window, and the length drops below the bottom of your window.
We also recommend that you cover your window from brick dust for this type of fitting too. Follow the above guidance and the instructions on your blinds for the best installation.

Things to remember

There are a number of things to remember when installing blinds after just having your windows fitted:

  • Allow ample time for and adhesives to set. In some cases, this may take up to a week, discuss this time with you window fitters for the best advice.
  • If you have a protective film on your glass, leave this on while you do any drilling, this will act as additional protection.
  • Avoid any work to the frame itself. This WILL damage your frame and can lead to issues down the line.

For more information on new windows, head over to the Salop Glass Knowledge Hub or you can contact a member of our expert team today.