How to install self adhesive window film


There’s a number of reasons we look at adding a film over our windows, from increased privacy, to adding designs to a room. But they aren’t always the most straightforward to install.
Adding these to your window isn’t something that can be done in a rush. Always ensure that you have plenty of time to complete each window in one go, stopping part way through can increase the number of issues you encounter.
Each self-adhesive film should come with its own set of instructions for application. Some have a different set of instructions, this will be because they have been designed to be fitted in a certain manner. Where this is the case, please follow the instructions as they will give you the best results. For those that do not include instructions, or have vague instructions please follow the below.

Installing self-adhesive window film

The first step when adding self-adhesive films is to ensure that the surface of your window is clean and entirely free of dust. Using a good quality window cleaner and a squeegee to remove excess water with help to reduce the risk of dust. Please refrain from using a cloth to dry the window as this can leave fibres on the surface.
Once your window is prepared, carefully remove the backing paper. Where your film contains patterns and cutouts, please be aware of them at this stage. This is where the biggest mistakes can occur. Take your time to reduce the risk of tears.
Some window films will require a light spraying of water to enable them to be moved around the window and into place. Using a water spray bottle, apply a light coat of water to the window. Bubble free films will not require this step.
Carefully start to apply your film to the window. We recommend starting in the centre and working your way towards the edges. This means that, with the help of a squeegee, you reduce the risk of bubbles, and those that you do encounter are being forced to the edges as you work.
Once you have applied the film, step back and check for small air pockets. You can then gently coax these to the nearest edge and out of the film with minimal issues.
With your squeegee, ensure that you remove all moisture from under the surface of the film to ensure the best application you can.
If your film comes with an application tape on, allow the adhesive enough time to stick to the window, so that removing the application tape does not lift the film from the surface. Remove the application tape after a couple of hours, 6 to 12 hours should be enough.
As a general rule, we advise against self-adhesive window films and would encourage you to have films professionally fitted if you are insistent upon them. However, we do understand the appeal to fit them yourselves, so please take care when doing so.
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