How to keep a conservatory warm in winter


When it comes to our conservatories in winter, we tend to shut the door and forget about the space. But when you have invested so much money on this wonderful space, do you really want to shut it off for long periods of time when you really don’t have to?

Simple changes

There are a number of small and simple changes that you can make to your conservatory in winter that will allow you to use the space without worrying about those cold toes on a tile floor (That’s if you have tiles).
Starting with the floor, investing in a simple rug can make all the difference. The joy of a rug is that you can take it up and store it away any time you decide that it doesn’t need to be down, a great idea if you have kids with muddy shoes running in and out of the garden at any point.
You can add a number of other soft furnishings that might not physically warm up the space but will give a warmer feeling. This includes cushions and throws on seats and sofas, then if you do get a little chilly, you can always cover yourself over.
If you find that your windows are a little draughty, a simple winter solution would be to pop up some curtains, you can always swap these out for voile in the heat of summer.

Permanent changes

There are some other changes you can make that are more permanent than the above winter changes.
Firstly you can look at having your central heating included into your conservatory. Depending on your current central heating or your layout, this can turn into a large and expensive solution, but will allow you to make the most of your conservatory at all times with no issues.
Another heating solution is to swap out your current flooring and treat your conservatory to underfloor heating. Many people are having extensions built with this included, so why not do the same in your conservatory! No frostbite toes moving forward.
A less invasive solution is to swap out your solid flooring for the warmer and softer alternative of carpet. Depending on how you use the space in summer, this can be both a good or bad idea. Small children with muddy feet can create issues with carpets in the long run, so ensure you consider this.

Electric solutions

There are a number of electric heaters that are available on the market. From electric fan heaters, oil-filled radiators and just simple electric wall radiators, each of them can help you to warm up your conservatory.
With electric heaters, the best thing to do is a touch of research before you buy. Some are better for smaller spaces, such as the oil-filled radiators, whereas fan heaters might warm a larger space quicker.

If your conservatory is past its best, no matter which solution you choose to heat up the space, it might be a more cost-effective solution to invest in a new conservatory. Contact our expert team today to discuss if your conservatory has seen its day and if it is time for new. Head over to or knowledge hub for answers to other questions.