Internal Window Finishing


A common concern when having new windows fitted is how will the interior of your windows be finished? Will there be debris left behind? Will I need to redecorate? For your peace of mind we have answered some of the more generic questions for you.

How will the fitter leave the inside of the window?

The fitter will ensure that once they have completed the work, they will remove all debris from inside your home. This will include from the inside of your window, your sills and the surrounding floor space. Whilst cleaning up they will ensure that all seals around your windows are complete and there are now gaps or issues (splits or bunching) that will cause any issues in the future.
The inside of your window will be sealed to the same quality as the exterior, ensuring that continued protection.

Will I need to redecorate?

Where the window is a like for like fitting with no issues during removal or replacement, there should be minimal risk to your decoration. However, there are a number of reasons as to why you may need to decorate following installation.
A major change in design can impact the area surrounding the window. Where this is the case, both your supplier and your fitting should talk you through this before they undertake the installation to ensure you are aware of the impact. This will also be the case if you are having your windowsill replaced.
Whilst not completely due to the installation, any damage that has been done by an insufficient window may also cause the need to redecorate. This might include any damage caused by damp and/or mould. This will need to be dried out entirely before any redecoration to ensure that it is completely gone after your new window has been fitted. Further issues may mean there is a deeper problem already embedded.

Can I paint the inside of my new frames?

We highly recommend that the interior of any new frames are not painted, at least within the first couple of years of fitting. Unless you are treating untreated timber frames.
The process used to manufacture uPVC and composite frames means that they are still setting, any paint that is then applied to them will not entirely latch, and can leave you with an unsightly finish. It is discouraged to not paint aluminium frames.

For more information on any of the points we have mentioned, please get in touch with a member of our expert team who will be happy to assist you. You can view our collection of frames on our Windows page.