Keeping Your Conservatory Cool in Summer


Keeping your conservatory cool in summer is, to risk a cliche, a real breeze. Even during those unbearable summer months, when it feels like the sun could melt through solid concrete, it’s more than possible to keep your conservatory liveable. It just takes some preparation!  

In this article, we’re going to go through some of the easy steps you can take to make your conservatory as comfortable as possible. Salop Glass have been providing our customers with well-crafted conservatories, orangeries, and a wide range of other glass installations for over 60 years – as a result, we’ve learned a few things about keeping conservatories warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Open Windows

It may sound obvious, but honestly the most obvious options are normally the most effective. Opening windows at the right time (normally before sunrise) and then closing them before it gets too hot can dramatically lower the temperature in your conservatory. Likewise, in the evening you can open the windows again and enjoy the night’s gentle breeze. 

Bring in a Fan

Again, having a fan in your home feels like one of those really obvious ways that you can  cool your home; however, it is one of the most effective. This is particularly true if you leave some ice cubes in a plate of cold water in front of your fan  Doing this will fill your conservatory with cool, damp air 


Plants naturally absorb the water in the air, as a result they  are great at lowering the humidity in the air. This makes them a great addition to any home during the hot summer months. 

Furnish Your Decorations With Light Coloured Decorations

It may sound like something they wrote in old Cold War safety pamphlets, but  there is a recorded correlation between the ways that various colours absorb and reflect light from the sun – and therefore heat. Generally speaking, darker coloured objects absorb more light and heat than lighter coloured objects of the same shape and consistency. As a result, filling your conservatory with light colours is a great way of passively cooling your home. 

Open Doors 

In contrast to opening your windows and letting in the gentle breeze, you can open your conservatory’s doors and let the cool air in from your home. This is a great way of opening up the room and ensuring that your conservatory doesn’t get too stuffy. 

Hang Some Blinds

Related to using light colours in your conservatory, hanging blinds in your conservatory is another great way of keeping the heat out. This is especially true if 

Salop Glass: Meeting Your Glass Needs

Salop Glass has been providing our customers with unique, well-crafted  conservatories,  orangeries, and other glass installations for over 60 years. In that time, we’ve kept up with both modern trends and new technologies – ensuring both thermal efficiency and 

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