What happens to my old windows?


As more and more uPVC windows are coming to the end of their shelf life it means that more and more are being taken out. So where do they end up when they have been removed from your home? It’s not only uPVC that we remove, we also remove aluminium and timber frames from our customer’s homes.

uPVC removal

uPVC only has a life expectancy of us to 35 years, so what happens to your frames once you replace them? The average time of this material degrading at landfill is tens of thousands of years. This means that your frames will need to be disposed of properly to avoid further contamination.
When you choose a company to replace your existing windows, opt for a company, like Salop Glass that will responsibly recycle your old frames. By recycling your old uPVC frames the material can be used to make a number of other products including more frames, children’s toys, garden furniture and even plastic piping.

Aluminium removal

If you are looking to replace your aluminium framed windows, you might be glad to hear that these too can be recycled. Aluminium is known as the green metal, thanks to the fact that it can be 100% recycled. Recycling aluminium can help to reduce the production of new aluminium, which can have a negative impact on the environment.

Timber removal

As you would expect, when you replace your timber frames, they are entirely recyclable. From either being left to biodegrade naturally (which can still take over 100 years) to being recycled into the likes of chipboard. This material is considered the best for the environment. When it is sustainably sourced it can be a great choice for anyone who considers the environment on their renovations.


Unfortunately, not all companies will recycle the materials that they remove. This means that each year more and more of these materials will end up at landfill. The UK has only limited landfill sites still in operation, meaning that these materials are being shipped to other countries for landfill. Please ensure that you are using a reliable company if you decide to have these removed yourself.

If you are considering replacing your old windows, get in touch with a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also head over to our knowledge hub for a range of answers to other questions.