Hurst UPVC Doors

Hurst UPVC Doors

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of uPVC doors, Hurst constantly strives for excellence within an industry that operates to high standards. This family-run and owned business is build on transparency, and endeavours to ensure that every customer that purchases one of their doors gets the best quality product possible.

High Quality uPVC Doors

In their uPVC doors, Hurst brings together over 20 years of expertise and knowledge to create stunning units that are safe, secure and stunning. Not only are they manufactured to the highest standards, they also offer unparalleled choices when it comes to styles, colours and glazing options, helping you to find a uPVC that will complement your home effortlessly.


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A Customisable Finish

Hurst uPVC doors are highly customisable. They not only have a wide range of style to choose from, customers can also choose from a vast array of colour options and glass designs. This is perfect if you have a period home or require a door that matches the style of your home to a tee. With Hurst uPVC doors, you can choose the type of vision you’ve been dreaming of.

Hard-Wearing Technology

All Hurst uPVC door panels are created using Vacuum Forming technology and are made to exacting standards. Due to the durability of uPVC, you can be sure your Hurst uPVC door remains waterproof, colour stable and scratch free for many years to come.

Thermally Efficient

uPVC door panels from Hurst are finished with a heat reflective skin which provides second-to-none insulation. Not only will your new door look great, it also does a fantastic job of blocking out noises from the street outside and preventing draughts from getting in to your home.


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