Can double glazing be repaired?

Windows are made up of two fundamental components, the frame itself (which could be made of UPVC, Timber, Aluminium or even Steel) and the glazing (glass) within that frame. If your glazing (glass) is cracked, smashed, misted or in any other way damaged, then ultimately it will need to ne replaced. The good news however is that generally it is not necessary to replace the frame itself (just the glass within the frame).

What is double glazing?

Double glazing as the name suggests, comprises of two individual panes of glass that have been sealed together to form what is commonly know as a double glazed unit. The two panes are separated from one another by a spacer bar, this bar is available in a number of sizes (this means that the double glazed unit can be made thicker or thinner to accommodate the frame it is going in). Historically the void between the two panes was simply air, however these day it common practice to fill the unit with Argon gas (which has better insulation properties).

What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing (as the name suggests) is a sealed unit comprising of three panes of glass. The additional pane means the unit can achieve greater levels of insulation and/or sound-proofing. Despite the potential benefits offered by triple glazing, it has not actually replaced double glazing, this is mostly down to the higher costs and additional weight (most frames are simply not designed to support the additional weight and may require specialised hinges).

There is condensation in my double glazing. Can it be fixed?

Although it is technically possible to split the double glazed unit then clean and re-seal it, this is not something that can be done on-site. Such a process would not be economically viable and is therefore extremely rare. In reality the double glazed unit would be replaced entirely. By replacing the double glazed unit you avoid the need for temporary glazing, but you also get a complete new seal along with a full guarantee on you all new double glazed unit(s).

Why is there condensation in my double glazing?

This would indicate that the seal on your double glazed unit has deteriorated or otherwise broken down. Once the two glass panes are no longer sealed, moisture can get between them. Simply re-sealing the two panes will not remedy the problem as that would not remove the moisture, inevitable you will need a new sealed double glazed unit fitting.

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