Fineo Glass

Fineo Glass

FINEO is a vacuum-insulating glass made up of two slim glass panes separated by a vacuum gap – a process which is similar to traditional double glazing. Offering unrivalled thermal performance, this innovative new product features a range of benefits for the consumer including:

  • Improved insulation for the home
  • Increased light transmission –  ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of natural light
  • Better noise reduction – ensuring that you can sit in your home in peace

Equal to triple glazing when it comes to performance, FINEO is easy to install into the existing window frame. This makes it a cost-effective solution for all kinds of renovation projects. FINEO is also 100% recyclable and contains no inert gases or organic seals, giving it a longer lifespan with no deterioration in performance.

The FINEO glass range offers a multitude of solutions for renovation projects, new builds and historic buildings. Old, inefficient or damaged glazing is the main cause of poor thermal and acoustic insulation. Making the switch to FINEO will significantly improve the warmth of your home, as well as reduce noise transmission from outside while increasing light transmission.

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Innovative Design, Maximum Performance

FINEO glass is a fantastic alternative to ordinary insulating glass. It has an exceptionally low U-value which is equivalent to triple glazing and up to 8 times better than single glazing.

The innovative design and composition of FINEO windows mean that they have no problem keeping the heat in and cold out, no matter the seasons. This means you spend less on heating your home and replacing your windows!

The beauty of FINEO glass is that it can be retrofitted into existing window frames. The glass is the same width of single glazing, so there’s no need for extensive fitting. In fact, FINEO can be installed directly into existing window frames, saving you time and money!

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Significant Noise Reduction

FINEO easily outperforms both double and triple glazing when it comes to noise reduction.

FINEO reduces traffic noise starting from 3 db up to 12 db with ease, which means your home is quieter, warmer, and lighter than ever before!

Simply put, FINEO glass has the capability to turn your home into a tranquil haven. For older properties on busy roads, FINEO also works to maintain the original aesthetic of the property without compromising on performance.

Quick & Easy Installation

Installing FINEO is quick and easy. New glass panes can be installed in less than 24 hours with no fuss, no mess and no stress!

The lightweight nature of the glass makes it easy and effortless to carry and install. At Salop Glass, we go to great lengths to ensure high-quality service and workmanship when installing your glass. What’s more, as there is no need to change the whole window frame, we can install the glass panes within a day.

To learn more about the benefits of FINEO glass and get a quote for your home, contact us today! Our team would be thrilled to help you find the perfect glass and glazing products for your needs. What’s more, we can quickly and install your chosen solution at affordable prices.

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FINEO Windows From Salop Glass

For new build homes, renovations and historic buildings, FINEO vacuum-insulating glazing delivers on both outstanding design and unrivalled performance.

Offering superb thermal insulation, superior light transmission and improved acoustic performance, FINEO windows are built with a better, brighter, more efficient future in mind.

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