Flush Casement UPVC Windows

Flush Casement UPVC Windows

Flush Casement UPVC windows have openers that sit flush with the outer frame. This is the modern twist on the classic UPVC window. Flush casement UPVC windows are the perfect way to finish the appearance of your property. Flush casement UPVC windows are designed to closely match the appearance of traditional timber windows.

Perfect for modern or more traditional homes, our flush casement UPVC windows blend contemporary and minimalistic style with ease.

Flush Casement UPVC Windows vs. Timber

Our UPVC flush casement windows are a brilliant alternative to timber windows for a variety of reasons. Firstly, UPVC brings the appearance of timber to your home along with all the advantages of modern, high performing UPVC. Not only are they extremely thermally efficient, secure and customisable – they’re also really resilient to and can last for many years.

This makes UPVC a clear winner over timber, particularly as you won’t have to contend with all of the maintenance that comes with timber windows. UPVC flush casement windows don’t rot, warp or become discolours. And, what’s more, they require very little maintenance beyond a quick wipe with a damp cloth every few months.

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Great For All Homes

flush casement UPVC windows are well suited to any home, modern or traditional. What’s more, at Salop’s Glass, we give all of our clients the opportunity to customise their product to match your exacting requirements. Because of this, you can design an outer appearance that reflects your style and makes a lasting impression.

Energy Efficient

The thermal efficiency of flush casement UPVC windows is hugely beneficial to your energy consumption. That means your home or commercial property gets (and stays) warm without continuous use of central heating, working to simultaneous save money on energy bills and cut down on your carbon footprint, even in the winter months.

Safe As Houses

For all property owners, security is one of the biggest factors when choosing new windows and doors. With UPVC flush casement windows, you can have total confidence in your home security. All of our windows come with high-quality locking systems and child safety restrictors can be added for further peace of mind.

All-Weather Friendly

You never can tell what’s going to happen with the Great British weather. But, one thing is for sure, all types of weather can have an impact on your windows. That being said, our UPVC flush casement windows are weatherproof and will still look fabulous even after taking a beating from the wind and rain, leaving them looking stylish for years to come.

uPVC Flush Casement Windows Side

Cross Section Of Flush Casement uPVC window

Hardware Benefits

At Salop Glass, you can choose from a full range of hardware options for your new UPVC windows, adding the perfect finishing touch to your home or business.

Inline and cranked handles are available with a range of finish options including white and chrome to give windows a great look for years to come.

Our UPVC windows are available with a wide selection of accessories too, including astragal bars to recreate a traditional window, and trickle vents, for secure night-time ventilation.

There is also a huge selection of both premium and standard colour options for your own individual taste. Request a swatch or ask us about our colour options.

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