What is an Orangery?

Most people are familiar with the classic Conservatory but the word “Orangery” often doesn’t conjure an image in the mind. Essentially the key differences between an Orangery and a Conservatory come down to the structure and roof. Orangeries tend to have more brickwork, windows are commonly set between brick pillars (this more closely resembles a conventional wall). On the other side a Conservatory will have a short dwarf wall with windows sat on top. The windows on a Conservatory wrap around the structure in a ribbon (rarely will you see brickwork between them). The other difference is the roof, Orangeries tend to have a flat roof with a central glass lantern. Conservatories commonly have a fully glazed roof with either glass or poly carbonate.

Orangeries make for a versatile, unique and elegant addition to any home, which is why they’ve increased in popularity in recent years. Seen as the ultimate Conservatory structure, Orangeries from Salop Glass boast ornate roofing detail and custom tailoring to suit the size and shape of all homes. Built in an atrium-style with the very latest technology, we supply and fit a range of orangery styles that create a breath-taking focal point in your home.

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An Extra Room

Orangeries combine the benefits of an extension (such as increased privacy and robust insulation) with bright and beautiful elements of a Conservatory. Choose from standard windows or even floor to ceiling windows along with a glass atrium-style roof lantern to let light flood into your home, illuminating the immediate space and creating a light and airy feel in your home.

This space gives you the best of both worlds between the cosiness of your home and the peaceful tranquillity of your garden. Everybody needs those restful days to recuperate from busy schedules and social events, so why not kick back and let your hair down in a stunning Orangery surrounded by nature and fresh air.

Seamless Transition

Due to the fact that they are built with full height brick walls, Orangeries appear more integrated into your home and look less-disjointed than other options. Alongside this, they also create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor space, making them the perfect area for enjoying your garden, hosting guests, or just a quiet moment to yourself in peace and quiet.

Our Orangeries

Seen as the quintessential luxury extension, our orangeries can be made in either traditional or contemporary designs using UPVC, Timber or Aluminium frames.

Outdoor View of Ultraframe Orangeries

At Salop Glass, we use only the very best materials to create stunning Orangeries. Our Orangeries are designed with impressive high ceilings to help you maximise space, and thick pillars to give a sense of grandeur while enhancing the privacy of your home.

No matter the style or design of your Orangery, the cutting-edge thermal technology used in our designs ensures you stay warm all year round while enjoying a stand-out extension made in pure luxury. We focus our designs around how you deserve to feel in your own home; comfortable, private and warm.

Interior Photograph Of Contemporary Style Orangery

Styles of Orangery

Much like Conservatories, Orangeries are available in a range of configurations and styles to suit the size of your property and design needs.

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Contemporary Orangeries offer homeowners an extension to their home that is filled with light and yet is warm and cosy, even in the winter. This style is perfect for interior and exterior design styles with modern flair and finishes.


Traditional orangeries are the perfect way to bring a charming look to your home. Utilising a glazed roof and traditional brick piers, the classical design works effortlessly well with most home styles.

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