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Installing a mirror will reflect natural light from windows and doors back into the room, making it appear bigger, brighter and airy. This eliminates the need for artificial lighting. Not only do mirrors have practical benefits, they can also improve the appearance of the overall room by creating a great focal point. Some people believe mirrors are only used in certain rooms but they are suitable for all sizes and types of rooms – bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms.

Our mirrors are available in various shapes, sizes, levels of thickness as well as made-to-measure options. Simply, tell us which room you are looking to hang it in and your preferred dimensions. Our team will professionally cut it to the exact size, ensuring a perfect fit. We can also safely back your mirror for added peace of mind.

Ways To Decorate Using Mirrors

Would you like to include them around your home? There are many ways to decorate using mirrors. For instance, the right mirror placement is key for creating the illusion of a bigger room, consider hanging a tall mirror opposite to a window. Vertical mirrors work great for tall rooms, whereas horizontal mirrors are ideal for long or wide rooms. Other ideas include:

  • Hang a circular mirror in an entryway to make a stylish first impression
  • A rectangular or circular mirror four to six inches above a fireplace mantel will add balance to a living room
  • Place a full-length mirror on a bedroom door to save on space
  • A group of mirrors will act as wall art and add character to a room
  • Add a large mirror to a gym wall for checking body alignment
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Made-To-Measure Service

At Salop Glass & Glazing, we are a leading supplier of made-to-measure mirrors in Shrewsbury. From bathroom mirrors to wall mirrors for a variety of rooms, we can efficiently and affordably meet your needs, thanks to our many years of experience. We can create:

  • Mirrors for residential & commercial applications
  • Any size of mirror
  • Bevelled edge, shaped and circular mirrors
  • Replacement mirror glass

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If you are looking for beautiful decor while making a specific room appear bigger, adding a mirror is your answer. If you are looking to install a mirror in your home, gym or business, we can help. Our specialists will work with you to design mirrors which completely match your specifications. We have also worked with hotels and retail companies who need quality mirrors for their business premises. In addition, we also offer glass splashbacks and cut glass products.

To enquire about our made-to-measure mirrors and wall mirrors, please contact us today. Our friendly team will talk you through the whole process, note down your requirements and provide you with a quick quotation.

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