Composite Windows

Composite Windows

What are composite windows?

Composite windows let you have your cake and eat it too! Not only do they look just as attractive as timber windows (without the same level of maintenance), they also are as effective when it comes to insulation. The reason for this is that the aluminium cladding used in composite windows emulate the high performing specifications of timber, but of course aren’t subject to the same degradation over time (such as rotting or warping). 

Our composite window systems are made using high density knot free wood sourced from sustainable forests and a powder coated aluminium finish to protect against harsh weather and the sun’s rays. 

The Best of Both Worlds

How do you balance your desire for timber windows with your desire for low maintenance ones? Aluminium composite windows of course! At Salop Glass, we create high quality composite windows that are:

  • Long lasting
  • Energy efficient 
  • Cheaper in the long-term
  • Low maintenance 
  • Stylish 
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Classic Swedish Composite Aluminium And Wood Windows 

At Salop Glass, our classic Swedish composite windows are designed and manufactured with aluminium profiles combined with knot-free laminated timber. Because of its efficiency and low maintenance, this range is a popular choice for both domestic homes and commercial properties, such as office blocks. 

Features Of Composite Windows

  • Choose from inward and outward opening windows
  • Compatible with 28mm double glazing and 36mm triple glazing 
  • Treated with 3 coats of water based paint during manufacture 
  • Enhanced U value

Customisation for Composite Windows 

To make your windows match both the interior and exterior of your property, we offer a wide range of colours, transoms, mullions, glazing bars, handles, glass types and different opening functions. You can also select your windows to compliment your interior design at every step of the way. Simply contact us to find out how we can help you to create a bespoke window solution for your project. 

Contact Us For Composite Aluminium & Wood Windows 

If you would like to discuss the supply and fit of composite aluminium and wood windows for your home or business, give Salop Glass a call today. We can advise of the best product for your needs and supply you with a no-obligation quote.


Swedish Composite At The Old Corn Mill

Contemporary Composite Windows at Primrose Farm Barn

Contemporary Swedish Composite Windows 

For ultra-modern contemporary style, we recommend you choose our Design range of composite aluminium and wood windows. Not only do these look stunning on the inside and out, they let light flood in and highlight your interior design style. 

These types of windows are fabulous if you like clean lines and require a flush finish to your windows, as the deeper glass unit removed the need for a step between frame and glass. What’s more, the Design range looks its best without integrated glazing bars, maximising the amount of light entering your property. 

Enhanced Performance 

Our Design composite windows also offer second-to-none performance, as the deeper triple glazed unit is more efficient both for opening and fixed windows. This range is available in outward opening windows and doors, as well as sliding doors, and require 48mm triple glazing. 


Antik Swedish Composite Aluminium & Wood Windows

The Antik series is a more traditional design that still boasts all the benefits of composite windows. Made to look as if they have been crafted by hand, these high performance windows look the part while remaining efficient. 

To add to the handmade aesthetic of these windows, the interior has ovolo moulding to both the frame and sash for an authentic finish. In short, the Antik Swedish Composite Windows offer a timeless look with a modern design that meets you style and budget. 


Antik Swedish Composite Gallery

The Benefits Of Composite Windows 

Strength & Stability 

Due to the way they are made, our composite windows are very strong and can withstand both impact and compression. They are also stiff and will not move or change shape over time. That being said, compared to many other materials they are also lightweight and easy to handle. 


Composite windows are without a doubt hard wearing and sustainable. Of course, timber windows can last quite a while with the correct maintenance, but this isn’t always easy to keep on top of or predict. Timber windows, if they become damaged, can begin to rot and become warper, which is expensive in the long run. Similarly PVC windows, while lower maintenance, often need replacing after 30 years and can become faded or discoloured over time.