Heritage Aluminium Windows

Heritage Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Heritage was designed for heritage and renovation applications, specifically as a replacement to old steel windows. This makes it perfect for renovations in listed buildings or large scale replica refurbishment projects where planning restrictions need to be taken in to account.

By far, Aluminium Heritage is the best like-for-like replacement for traditional window materials, such as steel. In fact, this system is already being used by a number of LAs in the South of England for heritage projects. This is because, the design of this range was created in the image of that which it replaces. It has a slim profile and similar sight lines to ensure an authentic looking finish.

High Performance Heritage Aluminium Windows

It’s not just the design of these windows that makes them so great, though. The Heritage collection is available as a fixed-pane, sash, top-hung and side-hung casement, as well as the traditional pivot and tilt-and-turn. This, combined with the quality efficiency of these windows, make them a fantastic choice for heritage projects and renovations of listed buildings.

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Benefits Of Our Heritage Aluminium Windows 

Perfect for giving listed buildings and large scale replica-refurbishment projects a breath of fresh air without compromising on aesthetics, Heritage Aluminum Windows boast an intuitive design that leads to an authentic finish. 

About The Design

Our Heritage Aluminum windows are installed as a series of horizontal modules. These are stacked with the help of horizontal couplers for a multi-part window. They also feature a specially designed drip bar between each module that works to deflect rainwater away from the top of the sash opener for a watertight finish. 

Innovative Thermal Break Technology

Heritage aluminium windows from Salop Glass utilise an innovative polyamide thermal break technology. This feature works to  reduce thermal transmittance by creating a barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. This helps to enhance the overall U value of the product (a measure of how effective a material is as an insulator) and meets the requirements of Document L 2010, a building regulation that sets the standards for the energy performance of new and existing buildings. 



Alitherm Heritage Windows - Gallery Image

Alitherm Heritage Cross Section

To find out more about our Heritage aluminium windows and how they can be utilised in your project, please give us a call. The team at Salop Glass can give further details of the specification, sizes and colours available in the range, and arrange for a quotation.

Product Features

  • Fixed windows
  • Single or double sash, side hung open out casements
  • Top hung open out casements
  • Polyamide thermal break provides enhanced thermal performance
  • Designed as a direct replacement for steel windows

Windows Performance

  • WER Rating: B
  • U Value: 1.5W/m²K (using 1.0W/m²K glass unit)
  • Air: Class 4, 600Pa
  • Water: Class 9A, 600Pa
  • Wind: Class AE, 2400Pa
  • Document L Compliant: Yes
  • Kitemark: Yes
  • BS 6375-1:2009: Yes
  • BS 4873: Yes

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