What are glass balustrades?

Balconies and Balustrades

To be asking this question you will have seen the words glass and balustrade together somewhere. Perhaps on our own website under Balconies and Balustrades. So now you are wondering what they are.


A balustrade is a barrier that can be found at the edge of a staircase or a balcony. Generally, on a staircase, these are called bannisters and are usually either wooden or solid.
The main purpose of a balustrade is to prevent a fall or the dropping of something off of an edge. Usually, they are around 1.2m high but depending on your specifications and design can be any height you need them to be.

Glass Balustrades

Many people are replacing their existing balustrades glass for a more contemporary and bright appearance. The wonderful thing about the use of glass is that it allows extra light into any space. Such as at the top of a staircase, you are not shielding the light from any windows.
Glass balustrades are usually partitioned into smaller sections with the use of metal frames, however, these can be wooden if you so choose.
Glass balustrades can be used on external staircases as an additional design feature.

Glass Balconies

Here in the UK, you might think that not many people have a balcony, let alone a glass balcony. You might be surprised to know that they are actually quite a common sight. From small balconies on flats, to balconies on larger homes, swapping out a solid barrier can help you to make the space look and feel not only lighter but also somewhat bigger.

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