How long do conservatories last?


Many years ago the average lifespan of your conservatory would have been around 10 years. However, thanks to the introduction of modern materials, techniques and technology you are now looking at the average lifespan of 25 years plus.

25 Year lifespan

While we say that modern conservatories have an average lifespan of around 25 years, this can be both increased and decreased by a number of factors.
When your conservatory is erected by an experienced professional, using the appropriate fixings and fittings, followed by regular maintenance will help to increase the lifespan of your conservatory. On the opposite to this, if your conservatory has been purchased from an unreliable source, or has been fitted by so-called cowboy builders, you may find that the lifespan will decrease.
The location and exposure to the elements will also play a large role in the wear of the conservatory. While we all love the conservatory to be where the sun hits, this can impact the lifespan of your uPVC unless well maintained.

Replacement glass

If you find that your glass in your conservatory is no longer sealed, letting in moisture between your double glazing, or creating an awful draft, or perhaps there has been an incident leaving you with a cracked or broken pane, this doesn’t end the lifespan of your conservatory. Here at Salop Glass, we can replace the panels that have been affected. Ensuring that no matter what, you can make the most out of your conservatory for longer.

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