What is a WARMroof?


For those of you with conservatories, orangeries or garden rooms, winter months might have you wondering what you can do to help improve the heat in this space. WARMroof might be the answer you have been looking for.

What is a WARMroof

The WARMroof is a tiled roof that has been specifically designed for these external home extensions to increase the energy efficiency within the space.
In warm roof construction, the thermal insulation layer is installed above the structural deck. This keeps the structural decking, usually constructed from timber or steel at the same temperature levels as the internal temperature of the building. To reduce the risk of any moisture entering the insulation, there is also a vapour control layer fitted under the thermal insulation.
On the external side of the thermal insulation will be a waterproof membrane added, before the tiles complete the external look. This will help to dispel any leaks that manage to get under the tiles.
You can also have windows fitted within a WARMroof which are also of the same energy efficiency to ensure all-round performance.

Why upgrade?

With glass conservatory roofs you might find that they attract heat during the summer, but in winter the space can become quite chilly. Renovating your conservatory to ensure a WARMroom will allow the space to remain cooler in the summer and save you money on heating the space in the winter, particularly if you use the space as an additional room all year round.
With a wide variety of tiles and configurations available, the increased energy efficiency, and the conformation to building regulations, the WARMroof has changed the outlook of the extension space.
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