Palladio Composite Doors

Palladio Composite Doors

The Palladio Door Collection is made using the very best advanced technology combined with a team of experienced and dedicated craftsmen.

The collection is available in 10 eye-catching colours with 27 stunning designs to choose from. The range spans a range of styles, from contemporary and modern to classic and traditional.

About Palladio Composite Doors

Palladio composite doors are uniquely designed to be strong and secure, making them the perfect option for any home. Made to perform, these innovative composite door designs utilise extensive research and development to produce the perfect composite front door.

Each door of the collection is made to the highest quality by the Palladio manufacturing team. Using meticulous attention to detail combined with experience means that Palladio are now universally recognised as an industry leader in the UK & Ireland.

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A Unique Monocoque Design

Many composite doors are filled with foam. But the Palladio Door Collection bucks this trend with its superior range of composite doors. Each one is designed with a unique monocoque structure and reinforced with 65mm of fibreglass. This makes every door incredibly strong, protecting your home from unwanted visitors.

An Impeccable Finish

To ensure the finish of Palladio Doors is simply perfect, during the manufacturing process a gel mould is placed over a real timber door, which is then transferred onto your Palladio composite door. They are then finished with a renolit foil. This design and manufacture method results in a door that not only looks the part, but performs to the highest of standards, too.

A Cut Above The Rest

While most composite doors are only single rebated, doors from The Palladio Collection are double rebated and all glass within them is triple glazed. This comes as standard with each door and ensures it is thermally efficient throughout the seasons.

Security Focused

Our homes are our kingdom, and protecting them and those who live there is a number on priority. The Palladio Door Collection is rigorously tested for security and is designed to be energy efficient, too. With Palladio, you’re not just getting a door that looks good but performs impeccably, too.

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