Which Frames Are The Best For Noise Reduction?


Even with the increase in modern technology and the introduction of triple glazing, we still cannot say that any commercially available windows are completely soundproof. However, we can talk to you about which frames and windows are the best for noise reduction. Which, if you live on a main road, or near to a potentially loud factory, can give you some much-needed relief.

The Glazing

Firstly you will need to consider which type of glazing you currently have as opposed to which glazing you are looking to have fitted. The least protection against noise you will find is single glazing, for obvious reasons. However, if you are living in a listed building, you may not be able to have anything better fitted, so please check before considering new windows. Double glazing increases the reduction in noise, however, the newer triple glazing will further reduce the noise. The spacing between panels can help to trap the noise vibration, meaning that each additional panel you add will reduce the noise, in a similar way to the increased efficiency.

The Frames

Noise travels through vibrations, meaning that the most efficient frames for noise reduction are those that hinder the vibrations. Due to the structure of Aluminium frames, these, unfortunately, do very little to limit the movement of the vibrations, allowing them to radiate into your home. Previously uPVC, have been advised as the best form of noise reduction due to the slight flexibility of the plastics used.
However, wood has been proved to be an effective barrier against sound waves. This means that both timber frames (which absorb the sound) and composite frames that have a timber core have the most beneficial structure to reduce the noise.

When it comes to choosing new window frames based on the level of noise reduction that they offer you, our team of experts can go through the benefits (and any potential downfalls) of our selection of frames specific to your home. What may offer the best noise reduction may not be the best for you in other ways. Our aim is to fit you with the right windows for your complete needs. For any information, or to arrange a consultation please contact a member of our expert team today.