Why is My Window Foggy/Misty


Picture this: it’s a cold day in winter. You wake up early in the morning, get out of bed, go downstairs and turn on the shower. Before you do so, however, you turn to your window and see that your window is already fogged up. That’s strange, you think to yourself. 

It’s an understandable question to ask yourself. In this Knowledge Hub article from Salop Glass, we’ll be going over the reasons why your windows get foggy. 


The chief reason why your window gets foggy is because of condensation. Condensation is the process where water coalesces into visible droplets when it comes into contact with cold surfaces. This process occurs throughout the year; however, it is most obvious during winter periods, when it is known as frost. 

By itself, condensation is harmless – it’s just water, after all. However, it is noticeable. If you notice condensation in your home, it is likely a sign of either damage to your window’s seals or a very cold night!  

A Broken Seal

Typically, you’ll see condensation on your windows when the seal surrounding your window breaks. These breaks in the seal allow heat to escape, cooling the air immediately around the window but not extending much further. This means that if you are seeing a misty closed window, it is most likely a result of two situations: 

  1. The seal around your window is broken. 
  2. If your window has a single pane, it could be that the temperature outside is simply cold enough to get through the single pane of glass. 

If your window features only a single pane, the best solution is to replace your window with a double-glazing unit. If, however, you notice that your double-glazed window accumulates condensation, it may be that your window has a broken seal. In that case, you may want to consider having the seal around the window replaced. 

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