How does double glazing work?


Double glazing, which is also known as insulating glass, is made up of two glass window panes. These panes of glass are separated by a vacuum, or gas-filled space (usually argon). This partition between the glass both stops warm air from escaping, keeping buildings warmer and thermally efficient. The second glass windows also works to reduce noise.

In recent years, triple glazing has also become a more viable and affordable option for homes. Triple glazing works much in the same way, however, three panes of glass are used for an extra layer of insulation. 

What are the benefits of double glazing? 

Double glazing comes with a whole host of benefits. These include: 

  • Better insulation resulting in lower heating bills and a warmer home¬†
  • Noise reduction
  • Less condensation¬†
  • Improved security¬†

The reason why argon works so well to improve thermal efficiency is that it is a poor conductor of heat. As well as this, efficient double glazing products also use low-emissivity glass (also known as Low-E), which works to reflect sunlight back into the home in order to boost warmth. 

Find out more about double glazing with Salop Glass & Glazing 

Double glazed windows are a fantastic addition to any home. Not only do they keep your house warmer, they also work to reduce outside noise for a peaceful indoor environment. Another benefit of double glazing is that it works with any style of window. Whether you favour traditional bevelled windows, or prefer the contemporary, clean look of arched PVC, with double glazing you have the freedom to choose colour, styles and sizes to suit your home. 

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