Will Double Glazing Help With Energy Efficiency?


With the ongoing energy crisis, more and more people are looking at ways of minimising their electricity and heating costs and increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. One great way of accomplishing this is by replacing your existing single pane windows with double glazing. 

In the UK, we’ve been using double glazing to some extent for almost fifty years. Indeed, since the early 2000s, double glazing has been the bare minimum when it comes to window manufacturing. However, despite these fruitful decades, the question persists: how energy efficient are double-glazed windows? 

The truth is that estimates vary. However, most experts agree that double-glazed windows are roughly 50% more energy efficient than traditional, single-glazed windows. 

How Are Double Glazed Windows 50% More Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is defined as the amount of energy that escapes from a system. In this case, energy refers to the thermal energy generated through your home’s heating, and that system means your home. 

In a truly energy-efficient system, there would be zero loss of energy from that system – meaning that no heat would escape from the home. Such a state is practically impossible outside of astrological phenomena, however. As a result, you can expect that most buildings will experience a level of energy inefficiency. 

With that said, the level of energy efficiency is variable – some homes are more efficient than others. Quite simply, single-paned windows allow much more energy and heat to escape out than double-glazed windows.  

How Are Double Glazed Windows Designed?

The reason for this is owing to the way that double-glazed windows have been manufactured. As their name suggests, single-paned windows have a single pane of glass in their frame. 

While this pane may be able to keep wind and rain out of the home,  it will not keep heat from escaping. In contrast, double-glazed windows have multiple panes of glass in addition to an air gap in the centre of the glazing. This air gap, in addition to the two panes of glass and sealer, provides an excellent barrier to heat. 

In summary, double-glazed windows are 50% more energy efficient than conventional, single-paned glass. This efficiency is primarily due to the advanced design of the double-glazed system. 

Double Glazing in Telford, Shrewsbury, and Shropshire 

As you can see, double-glazed windows are a great investment for your home. They are far more energy efficient than conventional windows in Telford and throughout the United Kingdom. 

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