Can Double Glazing Be Resealed?


Whether you have personally experienced foggy double glazing or seen in on other houses, we all know it can be an unsightly nightmare. So can your double glazing be resealed to prevent this from happening, or is it time to replace your windows?

Condensation in Double Glazing

There are a number of hacks online to remove the condensation inside your double glazing. While many of these ideas do actually work, they are only a quick and temporary solution to the problem. For example, drying out the condensation with a hairdryer is great for a day, but it will return within the week.

Home Draught Resealing

Along with seeing quick hacks for removing condensation, we have also seen a number of hacks to reseal any draughts around your windows. Including some worrying methods. The first example is to use a waterproof silicone around the edges of your windows to seal in any gaps that may be there. Another is to fill gaps in your frame using expanding foam. Whilst we see the thought behind this, if overfilled it can dislodge your entire frame and cause major issues.

Do We Recommend Reseals?

Having a wealth of knowledge and experience in repairing a number of DIY window reseals, we encourage people to put down the silicon and foam and avoid a home attempt. Home repairs may work for a period of time but are never a solid fix.
Professional reseals on double glazing are significantly better. However, even a good reseals cannot guarantee as good a seal as the original, or any replacement.
If the rest of your windows are in good condition and solid we don’t want you to go out of your way to spend unnecessary money by replacing everything. This is where we recommend replacement units. This means that we can replace your original unit with a like for like, ensuring that the whole thing is sealed tight and therefore economical in your home.

For more information on replacement units, or to discuss a whole new window, please contact a member of our expert team today.