Can You Paint uPVC?


A question that is often asked is can you paint uPVC. We have seen many answers to this spread across a number of forums over the internet.
In short, Yes you can paint uPVC doors and windows. However, it is no easy task, and shouldn’t be done on a whim.

Painting uPVC

While we agree that it is possible to paint uPVC, please do not believe everything you read on the internet. Following some of the advice we have seen can lead to very ugly and sometimes costly mistakes. From the use of fence paint to the use of standard spray paint the recommendations are questionable.
If you decide that you are going ahead with a DIY paint job, please ensure that you do thorough research into the paint that you are using, usually branded names offer the best results, and take a look at reviews as these will usually give you a better idea of any issues other customers have had.
If you do decide to paint your own uPVC, we recommend that you follow all instructions that are provided, and to complete a test patch first, as it may not turn out how you expect it to. Please also ensure that any paint you purchase is weatherproof, or you’ll find yourself spending far more time touching it up.
If your uPVC is less than 18 months old we do not recommend painting it. The resins used in the manufacturing process may still be present and stop any paint bonding. Similarly, if your uPVC is starting to age, you may find that they will look even worse when painted as it can highlight faults.

Salop Glass and uPVC

If your uPVC doors and windows are looking past their best, it may be time to replace them rather than painting them. Paint may only mask any issues rather than addressing them entirely. Take a look at our uPVC Doors and uPVC windows page for inspiration or to find out more. If there’s something you are looking for feel free to contact us today, and a member of our expert team will be happy to assist you.