Which Is Better For My Home, uPVC or Timber?


When uPVC doors and windows became regularly available in the UK, the nation went mad for them. Marketed as being the best for lifespan, design and security. 30 years later, are uPVC frames better for your home, or are timber windows and doors just as good, if not better for you?


Its was previously believed that as timber windows are open to the elements that they will rot and need replacing far quicker than the uPVC counterparts. However, modern timber has been designed and treated to ensure that this is not the case.
uPVC windows and doors have an average lifespan of around 30 years, this is with treatment to ensure that the plastic is protected. Within this time they will still start to show age related marks and where they are in direct sunlight the colour will deteriorate.
Modern timber doors and windows have been treated to give them a longer lifespan from the onset, and with regular treatment, their lifespan can be increased up to 60 years.


Older timber or wooden frames were seen as less efficient than the newer uPVC that was being introduced (or aluminium frames before uPVC). However, it may not have been the frames themselves, it may have been the single pane glass or older type of double glazing that was not so efficient.
Both our timber and uPVC collections boast a minimum of A-rated energy efficiency, and in many cases, this is much higher. Modern glazing means that the efficiency is instantly improved. Modern timber frames have even been hurricane tested, ensuring that they can withstand higher winds than the UK has to offer, and still be efficient.


Both our timber and uPVC doors and windows have been designed to offer the highest level of security. This includes being tested in accordance with several national and European safety standards. Both have the ability to be fitted with the most modern security locks and alarms should you choose to have these additional features fitted.


Design is an individual preference, alongside ensuring that your investment suits the property.
Previously uPVC windows have been seen as a clean, unmistakable, white. However, they are now available in a range of designs, including woodgrain effect to suit even character properties.
Timber windows are no longer seen as being either standard wood stain colours or peeling paint from inappropriate forms of paint. We offer a selection of stained colours which can retain their colour when treated regularly.

Here at Salop Glass, we aim to fit the right windows and doors for you and your home. If you are still unsure as to which option is the right one for you a member of our expert team will be more than happy to go through each choice with you. We are happy to quote for both materials to ensure that you make a truly informed decision.