Does double glazing reduce noise?


One of the biggest benefits of double glazing is that it works to reduce noise inside your home, for a more peaceful indoor environment. This is particularly good for households based on main roads or busy built-up areas. Alongside this, double glazing also looks great and keeps your home warm throughout the year. 

How does double glazing reduce noise? 

Double glazing is made up of two panes of glass, between which there is a space. In general, the space in between each pane of glass is either separated by a vacuum or (for better insulation) argon gas. These extra layers of protection act as a barrier to reduce the sound of external noise in your home. 

Sound from outside makes its way into our home most often through the windows. In single glazed windows, there isn’t much protection from sound and it can easily travel through. Whereas in double glazed windows, the sound has to permeate not just one, but two layers of glass, which dampens it. 

Furthermore, high-quality, properly fitted double glazing is sealed. This means that there aren’t any holes or gaps through which sound can easily pass. Not only is this great for reducing outside noise, it also makes your home warmer and more thermally efficient! 

Noise reduction and double glazing 

Excess and unwanted noise can have a big impact on our health. In fact, a number of recent studies suggest that people in busier, noisier areas are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure! 

Double glazed windows are a simple, easy, and effective way of reducing the impact of traffic noise and other disruptions on your home life. 

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