What are the Advantages of Glass Splashbacks?


Glass splashbacks are a great way to protect your bathroom or kitchen with a modern and creative twist.

They are also a great investment both in terms of aesthetic and for hygiene and practicality. Here are a number of reasons to choose glass for your home’s splashbacks –

5 Reasons to Choose Glass Splashbacks

Hygiene – Glass is designed to be impervious to water, bacteria and grease, making it hygienic plus it is a sleek and smooth surface with no hard to reach nooks or crannies like tiled splashbacks. They are so easy to clean as stains or marks can be wiped away with a sponge or a cloth.

Heat and Impact ResistantSalop Glass only use toughened glass for all of our splashback installations. Toughened glass is five times more impact resistant than non-toughened glass, which makes it ideal for splashbacks. It is also heat resistant up to 220°c, which means it will virtually never break because of heat so you can safely cook without worrying about damaging your splashbacks.

Aesthetic Appeal – Our splashbacks are available in a number of colours, plus you can find quality paints in the standard Ral colour chart. This allows you to have a splashback that perfectly matches your decor and established home design.

Glazed splashbacks also have light-reflecting abilities which can make even the smallest kitchen feel larger and brighter.

Cost-Effective – While glass splashbacks may cost more initially than tiled splashback; toughened glass is stronger than tiles and will last for many more years. Tiles need to be re-grouted and re-tiled regularly to keep looking good which is much more expensive than the initial cost of a glass splashback.

Easy Installations – Glass splashbacks are much easier to install than tiled ones, with less equipment like tile cutters and grout required to complete the installation.

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