Where Can I Use A Glass Splashback?


Glass splashbacks are typically only considered for the sink or the cooker in your kitchen. The great news is that they are more versatile than just in these two places, and can even be more attractive than a clear piece of glass.

Stylish Splashbacks

Before we discuss where you can use your glass splashbacks, it is important to know a little more about the splashbacks that we can offer you.
Each splashback from Salop Glass is made to measure, specifically to meet your needs. This includes size, shape and even colour!
For your splashbacks, we have a range of colours of glass available in both opaque and frosted, allowing you to get the perfect finish to suit your space.

The Kitchen

In many homes, tiles in the kitchen are a thing of the past. More and more people are opting for glass splashbacks to finish off the back of their countertops in a bid for a seamless finish. Tiles have been a popular choice for splashbacks for many years, however, modern minimalism and simplicity means that people are looking to move away from them in favour of one solid surface. Not to mention glass splashbacks are easier to keep clean than grouting.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the biggest indoor source of water in your home. Meaning that it is the ideal place to use glass splashbacks. As with kitchens, people are looking to move away from tiles, with many people opting for plastic sheeting in their bathrooms. However, we much prefer glass! With the choice of colours and level of frosting, you can customise the space to suit you. Whether it’s just the small space behind the sink, the bottom of the wall along the side of the bath, or even the whole shower space, our made to measure splashbacks can help protect your walls in style.

Around The Home

Splashbacks arent only to protect the wall behind the sink or bath, the use of colour and frosting makes them a great backing to other features around the home. For example, shelving in an alcove can be backed with a coloured splashback to turn it into a feature. Or the space behind a dressing table, it helps to protect the wall against an array of products (great for the bedrooms of teenage girls!).
Utility rooms are another great location to use a bespoke splashback, helping to protect your walls against damp washing or from knocks from wash baskets.

For more information on Glass Splashbacks and their great uses, get in touch with a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you. There is also a range of answers to frequently asked questions in our knowledge hub that may be of some assistance to you.