How to clean a glass cooker splashback


The splashback behind our cooker handles some seriously hot foods, gathers any number of grease particles and helps to protect our walls from heavy staining. Not to mention giving us an easy to clean surface, enabling us to keep our kitchen as hygienic as possible.

Easy Clean

When you read the words easy clean, you might find yourself disagreeing. When you think about all the times that you have attempted to clean away splashed foods and grease, you will know that it is far from easy to clean.
When you compare cleaning a glass splashback to tiles or just kitchen paint, you will find that the glass is far easier to clean. However, it can also be harder to remove the grease streaks that are left behind.

How to clean greasy glass

There are a number of products on the market that boast grease removal properties. However, many of you will have already tried these and either found that they haven’t worked for you. They have either left you with streaks, or not entirely removed the grease to begin with. If you are using commercial cleaners, remember to follow the instructions as closely as possible as this will increase the cleaning power.
However, we also have a couple of home options that a number of our team and customers have found to be better than anything from the shelf.
Home remedy 1
The first home clean remedy that we have for you to try is simple warm water and dish soap. Invest in a spray bottle, or even clean out an old spray bottle from another cleaner. Pop some warm water, with a healthy dose of whichever dish soap you use to wash up, such as fairy, and carefully mix (shaking can create excess bubbles and pressure in the bottle). Carefully spray onto the glass splashback, try to avoid it running behind your cooker, you might want to pop something to catch any drips, like a towel. The degreaser in the dish soap should make it easy to scrub away and the warm water will make stubborn patches easier to clear. Once you have removed the grease, you can use a dry cloth to buff up and polish your glass so it is once again beautifully clear.
Home remedy 2
A home remedy that many will already be aware of is white wine vinegar mixed with water. As with the last remedy, we recommend mixing these into a spray bottle to spray directly onto the glass. The vinegar will help to detach the grease from the smooth surface, and help it to wipe away. Again, use a dry cloth to clean away excess grease and solution, then a fresh cloth to dry and buff your glass.

There are a number of other solutions across the internet. Finding the right one for you will help to make cleaning away grease as easy as 1,2,3.

Head over to our splashbacks page for more information on having a glass splashback fitted in your home. You can also check out our knowledge hub for the answers to more FAQs. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact our team today.