How Long Does Window Installation Take?


There is no “one answer fits” all when it comes to the length of time it takes to install windows, whether singular or to a whole house. The fitting of each window can vary depending on a number of factors.


There are a number of variables that can arise when fitting a window. Some of these can mean that even the most knowledgeable and skilled fitter will require 2-3 more time than their average fit. Others may mean that the window is fitted before you realise. These variables can include:

  • Current windows that are fitted – depending on the fitting of the current windows, they can either be easier to remove, or can be tricky.
  • Brickwork around the frame – Older or damaged brickwork may cause issues when having new frames fitting. Your fitter will need to ensure that they are attaching windows to a firm base to ensure that they are secure.
  • Crowding around the window – In some cases there is an abundance of objects crowding around the window, from bushes and plants outside, to furniture and clutter inside. Removing these prior to your fitters arrival can help to reduce the time they are there.
  • Size of the window – Larger windows can take longer than smaller windows, for obvious reasons, this can be sped up slightly with an extra pair of hands, however, too many fitters can cause delays if they are all in one space.
  • Bay Windows – This type of window will also take longer, and should not be attempted by a lone fitter.

Average time frames

On average a standard window fitting for a single window can take less than one hour. Providing the above variables are not causing any further inconvenience. The majority of frames that we supply, here at Salop Glass, are simple enough to fit for trained fitters. Each of the fitters that we can send to your home is completely trained on each type of frame and equipped for any issues that can arise during the standard fitting. This will help to keep the time that we are at your property to a minimum.

For more information on the styles of frames we offer head over to our Windows page. To discuss a quote or for assistance with your windows and doors please get in touch and a member of our expert team will be happy to help.