How To Clean Aluminium Windows


Aluminium frames offer a sleek appearance to your home. But this appearance can only be kept up when you keep your frames clean.
With alternatives, such as uPVC, we tend to clean these more often, due to the dirt being noticeable. But we commonly forget to clean aluminium, as it usually hides dirt well. However, if you have realised you’ve been neglecting your frames, now’s a great time to start a new routine.

How often should I clean aluminium frames?

Like any window or door frame, there is no set schedule as to when you should clean them. However, to keep your frames looking as fresh as they did when they were new, we recommend around once every two months. With the changes in weather across the seasons this may change. Keeping a closer eye on your frames will be a good indication as to when it’s time for a clean.
Cleaning more often means that you can do a softer clean, this will reduce the risk of staining or the need for harsher cleaning. Keeping your frames healthy in the long run.

How do I clean aluminium frames?

As with all frames, we strongly discourage the use of harsh abrasives. There is a coating on your aluminium frames to protect them from adverse weather conditions, the use of harsh abrasives can damage this coating, thus reducing the lifespan of your frames.
If your frames haven’t been cleaned for a while, spend a little longer cleaning them gently rather than using any abrasive techniques.
Start off by hosing down the frames to remove any loose dirt and to moisten the surface. We then recommend a bucket of warm water with mild, household, detergent and a soft cloth or sponge to gently work away any dirt.
If they have been left for prolonged periods of time you may come across stains, do not attempt to use harsher scrubbing or chemicals as you may cause spot damage. Ink erasers have been known to help ease stains. Finish off by hosing down your frames again to remove any loose particles and detergent.
Regular upkeep should ensure that this is a quick process next time around.
Cleaning the inside of your frames can be done in a similar way, missing out the hose of course. When inside the home, you can use a soft cloth to dry your frames, microfibre cloths are great as they collect residual dirt as you dry.

Salop Glass and Aluminium Windows and Doors

If you have moved to a home with aluminium windows, you can head over to our dedicated pages for more information. We also have a selection of FAQ’s in our Knowledge Hub if you have any questions.
Here at Salop Glass, we offer a range of different materials for our frames and doors, including; aluminium, uPVC and composite. If you are looking to replace your frames check out each of our options or contact a member of the team today for more information.