How to clean uPVC windows


uPVC windows are a popular choice for homeowners for a number of reasons. One of these is because they are low maintenance (no rust or rot) and easy to clean. But like anything, they do need cleaning every now and again to stay looking sharp and attractive. 

If you are looking to give your uPVC windows a refresh, read on to find out how to safely get rid of dirt, dust and grime without damaging your uPVC windows

Cleaning uPVC windows 

First of all, uPVC windows are made up of a range of different parts: 

  • Hinges 
  • Panes 
  • Frames 

Here, we will give you a run-down of how to effectively clean each part. 

How to clean hinges on uPVC windows 

Over time dust and dirt can accumulate on the hinges of windows causing them to stick. This can make it difficult to open. Luckily, it is quick and easy to remove debris from hinges for smooth opening and gleaming finish. 

  1. Begin by opening the window as wide as you can. Be sure not to open it too wide, as this may cause damage, but enough to reveal the hinge and all its parts. 
  2. Use a microfibre cloth to remove dust from the hinge. Or, if you have a handheld vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, you can use this instead. 

How to clean uPVC window panes 

If you are spring cleaning and want to give your uPVC window panes a sparkling, fresh finish, then be sure to choose a dry but cloudy day. This will make it easier for you to clean the windows without getting wet, of course. But doing this job on a cooler day will prevent any cleaning product you put on the windows from turning streaky. 

  1. Use a soft, dry microfibre cloth to remove surface dust from the pane. 
  2. Gently wipe down each pane of glass with a sponge (without scourer) that has been dipped in warm, soapy water. Be careful not to scratch the glass or surrounding frame. 
  3. For a sparkling finish, we recommend our commercial glass cleaner which we sell at our trade counter. Use in conjunction with paper towels, or a dry microfibre cloth, and change them as frequently as you wipe. 
  4. If you’d prefer not to use an off the shelf products you can use your own window washing solution made from vinegar and water. All you need to do is mix one part hot water with one part distilled vinegar. 
  5. Rinse and dry the window frames immediately after you’ve finished. 

How to clean uPVC window frames 

uPVC window frames are very hardwearing and resistant to a whole range of weather conditions. That being said, like anything else, they can still get dusty or start to look a little dull. Especially without regular cleaning. 

To clean your uPVC window frames, you only need to use a mixture of warm water and washing up liquid. While there are a range of specially formulated uPVC cleaning solutions on the market, if you regularly stay on top of cleaning this way of doing it should be more than sufficient. 


Can you use bleach on uPVC windows? 

You should not use bleach to clean uPVC windows. This is because the chemicals in it can, and will, react with the plastic. In most cases, using bleach on uPVC windows will spoil their shiny, glossy finish and leave them looking dull, matte, and in some cases even brown. 

Can you steam clean uPVC window frames? 

Steam cleaners can be used to refresh uPVC window frames effectively. This is especially true if the window frames have accumulated a lot of dirt and grime over time. That being said, it’s important to select the right attachment when you do this to make sure you don’t scratch or damage the frames. We’d recommend a nozzle attachment with a brush, but take care if you decided to use your steam cleaner to clean your uPVC window frames. 

Can cleaning products damage uPVC window frames? 

The reason why we recommend a gentle cleaner, such as hot water mixed with washing up liquid, to clean your uPVC window frames is to avoid damage or scratches. There are lots of products that have the potential to damage uPVC, so it’s best to steer clear. This includes: 

  • Bleach 
  • Methylated spirits 
  • Nail varnish remover 
  • Cream cleaners (e.g. Cif)
  • Scouring pads 
  • WD40 

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