What are Composite Windows?


Composite windows are made up of several parts or elements, which when combined create a far superior product. With Salop Glass and Glazing, you will get superior double and triple glazing fitted perfectly into a laminated timber and aluminium clad frame. In this case the sum of all the parts adds up to a very strong, aesthetically pleasing product which is made to measure for a bespoke fit to your home or place of work.

The Benefits of Composite Windows

Composite windows utilise the natural insulation capabilities of a solid wood frame delivering excellent energy efficiency. A southern facing window acts as a natural radiator, absorbing the suns energy and warming a property. Northern facing windows could be considered to allow heat to escape. But with purpose built windows sitting flush to the aperture, heat retention will also be good for this orientation.

Having an extra layer to protect the exterior gives an engineered structure which will not warp in very hot or cold temperatures. The inner timber frame is protected from the elements by the powder coated aluminium outer layer.

We are all being encouraged to be more environmentally responsible and these aluminium clad timber windows are made of materials which can be recycled and repurposed.
From a style perspective, there are a big choice of colours which will compliment both new builds and period properties.

Composite Windows from Salop Glass

Composite windows from Salop Glass and Glazing take inspiration from classic Scandinavian design ethos. High quality materials, sustainability, clean lines and a perfectly smooth finish all combine in our Swedish inspired range from Antik. Where else could windows withstand the extremes in temperature? You can be confident of exceptional performance in this product and excellent customer service by the team here at Salop Glass. Please contact us with any questions about our windows and glazing products.