What are French Doors?


French doors from Salop Glass bring a particular level of charm, elegance and class to your home. They are extremely popular at the back of homes to create a walkway out to your garden and help to bring the outside in.

Although they may sound like patio doors, we will explain their unique qualities here.

Traditionally, French doors are two identical doors side-by-side that open outwards and in most cases create a spacious route into your garden. This is particularly beneficial for smaller homes with smaller gardens to help expand their space.

Are there Different Types of French Doors?

There are three types of French Doors, which we will explain below –

External – External French doors (sometimes referred to as French patio doors) are used to lead into gardens with two doors opening outwards plus some that can open inwards. Featuring large glass panels they allow plenty of natural light into your home.

Interior – Installing double French doors between two rooms in your home will create more space, which allows light in and stylishly divides two rooms. Internal French doors look similar to exterior ones with two doors made up mostly of glass which swing open to create a larger living space.

Sliding – Sliding French doors hold a particular charm with two doors that slide apart to create a generous amount of room to pass through into the garden. Either side of the sliding doors is fixed panes of glass that the doors overlap when opened.

Are They Secure?

French doors are meant to be open and welcoming but this does not mean they are not secure. They are secure as any other door that leads into your home if installed by experts such as Salop Glass.

To ensure the doors are secure as possible, you can take some extra measures such as –

  • Use double glazing instead of single
  • Cover the handles with security bars at night of when you are not at home
  • Use laminate glass for extra protection

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