What is Fire-Resistant Glass?


Fire-resistant glass is a specialist type of glazing which has been proven to provide protection against fire during a Fire-Resistance Test.

The degree of protection offered depends on the type of fire-rated glass used. Generally speaking, all fire-rated glass acts as a barrier which prevents the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire.

Where Should Fire-Resistant Glass Be Used?

Fire-resistant glass is typically used to prevent fire spread and provides a safe escape route and safe access for fire-fighters. Approved Document B for England and Wales states how to meet building regulations and states where fire-resistant barriers are needed.
An alternative approach to comply with Building Regulations is a fire safety engineering design study where applications for fire-resistant glazing need to be specified in the report.

Can I Obtain a Fire Certificate for Installed Fire-Resistant Glass Products?

A Fire certificate by the Fire Service used to be provided to approve certain premises and was not applicable to individual products, systems, assemblies or installations.

Fire certificates were phased out during 2006 and replaced by making the Responsible Person (the building or business owner) responsible for ensuring that sufficient fire precautions and safety measures are in place. Product certificates could be referred to when discussing third-party certification schemes, but these are voluntary and not obligatory. A test or assessment report must be provided by the supplier on request, to show appropriate evidence of a fire-resistant glazed system.

What is the biggest pane size that can be used?

The pane size varies according to the glass and framing system, which is subject to the availability of appropriate test evidence. If you are unsure, contact Salop Glass to find out our maximum glass sizes tested and the associated framing system details.

How Can It Be Ensured That the Specified System is Appropriate for the Application?

The specified glazed system must have appropriate evidence of performance that is based on appropriate test information. This evidence needs to be provided in a test report, or in an assessment report or by third-party certification. The test evidence provided must be suitable for both the application and the specific glazed system being installed.

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