What is triple glazing?


Triple glazing is essentially exactly what it says. Where double glazing is two window panes sandwiched together to increase insulation and reduce noise pollution, triple glazing is three.

Benefits of Triple Glazing

There are a number of benefits of triple glazing. Many of these you will recognise from the introduction of double glazing, however the benefits have been increased with triple.
You will notice a significant reduction in external noise. This is great if you live on a main or busy road, or if you work nights. You will also notice a warmer house as the triple glaze ensures that heat loss is minimal, this will also benefit you with lower energy bills.
With double glazing you may still notice condensation, however, the triple layers mean that this is greatly reduced.
Alongside these great benefits, they are also far harder to break than other windows, thus potentially increasing the value of your home.

Triple Over Double?

Whilst triple glazing does things slightly better than double glazing, is it worth pulling one out for the other? Although yes there would potentially be a slight difference, for the cost of replacing well fitted and sealed double glazing would outweigh the benefits.
However, If it is time to replace your windows, then moving onto triple glazing would be worthwhile in the long run.

Salop Glass and Triple Glazing

If you would like more information on triple glazing or to discuss whether this would benefit you and your home please call our expert team today. You can also find out more about the different products we offer in our dedicated doors and windows pages.