Why Choose Timber Windows?


Timber windows are a popular choice for those looking to combine style with an environmentally sustainable material. Wooden window frames can come from different species of tree and fall into either softwood or hardwood categories.

Hardwoods tend to be from deciduous trees, those that lose their leaves in the autumn. In the northern hemisphere oak and beech are examples of this, but other specimens are tropical species like mahogany or teak. These take a long time to grow and have dense fibres making them very strong. However, sourcing trees from tropical rainforests is now being discouraged due to the environmental impact.

Softwoods are faster growing with less density in their structure. They also tend to have needles instead of leaves, keeping their greenery all year round. Examples of softwoods are pine, Douglas fir, cedar and yew. Contrary to their name some softwoods offer greater strength and durability than hardwoods. They come from sustainable and carefully managed forests making this wood source a better option for the environment.

Salop Glass use bespoke crafted Rationel frames from independently certified sustainably sourced materials for a natural finish that looks simply stunning.

The Benefits of Timber Windows

Low maintenance and durability – solid wood is a material which has great longevity and is easy to keep in optimum condition.

Made from sustainably sourced materials

Beautiful, natural appearance – timber has a wonderful warm tone and beautiful grain giving an attractive aesthetic.

Excellent thermal and acoustic performance – made to measure for the perfect fit and either double or triple glazed for outstanding energy efficiency and sound proofing.

Timber Windows from Salop Glass

Timber windows from Salop Glass are available in the Forma range which are perfect for classic styling on modern builds or fit perfectly with listed buildings. The Aura range shows the natural beauty of the grains and offers contemporary styling with a Scandinavian feel. To discuss your requirement and to get a quote for your new windows, please contact us.