Why Does Energy Efficiency Matter?


At Salop Glass, we believe that our products should not just look pretty – because they already do that  – they should also add a real benefit to our customer’s lives. And while some of our products do this simply by being another room to add our client’s homes –  as is the case with our Orangeries and Conservatories – we are extremely proud of the fact that all of our products can boast real efficiency when it comes to energy. 

But what does energy efficiency mean, exactly? 

Simply put, energy efficiency generally means that it conserves energy effectively. While there are a number of different ways that  energy effectiveness could be expressed, for a window or door this is primarily expressed in its ability to retain heat. This efficiency offers a number of key  benefits. For a range of high-quality windows and doors, such as that offered by Salop Glass, these benefits are: 


The chief economic benefit of energy efficient doors and windows is that they help to lower your utility bills – in particular your heating bill. This is because the more efficient these installations are, the less heat is allowed to escape. With more heat trapped in a building, the quicker and longer it will stay warm – even with the heating turned off. This also keeps you insulated against 

Utility Systems 

At the same time as energy efficiency helps you with your electrical bills, it also means that there is less overall demand on the electrical grid. This means that there is less stress on the system. This reduces the need to invest in new infrastructure generation infrastructure. 


The previous two points lead on to the third: the simple fact that with greater heat retention and less stress on the utility infrastructure means lower greenhouse gas levels and pollutants, as well as less water used. 

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