Why is there condensation on my windows?


Condensation often occurs on the window inside your home. Commonly this is due to a warmer interior to your home than the external temperature.

Reducing condensation

Ensuring that you are appropriately airing the area will help to reduce this condensation. To avoid mould caused by condensation you should open windows often, even during winter, to allow the area to thoroughly dry out.
Switching out old single-pane windows, or even some old double glazing to newer triple glazing can help to have a positive impact on the level of condensation. The gas pockets between the panes can help to reduce the heat difference, and by increasing the number of pockets and glass panes reduces this further.

Condensation between your panes

When you have condensation between your panes, this often means that there is a gap in your seal around one of the panes of glass (or both panes) that allows moisture to enter.
There are a number of quick fixes that can be done to reduce the visual condensation, however, these are only temporary fixes and will not remove the condensation on a permanent basis. Temporary fixes, such as blow-drying your window, will only remove the condensation until moisture re-enters the space, demanding on the external factors, this could be within an hour, but during warmer dry spells, slightly longer. It is possible to reseal around your window, however, resealing a window will never offer you as good a seal as the initial one when installed appropriately. The best fix is to swap out the window. If you are not looking to replace your windows as a whole, you can also just replace the window unit. This is the best option if you just have issues with one window, or your windows are still fairly new. This is also the most cost-effective method of ridding your windows of unattractive and inefficient condensation.

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