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5 Ways To Block Sunlight Heat From Windows

5 Ways To Block Sunlight Heat From Windows

27 July 2023
Someone peaking through blinds to let in sunlight

5 Ways To Block Sunlight Heat From Windows

When it comes to windows, they are fantastic at allowing natural light in and letting us view our surroundings from the comfort and warmth of our home. However, glass is a very poor heat conductor as it is an insulator, meaning it can trap heat causing a greenhouse effect, leaving an overheated and uncomfortable room temperature. If you experience this problem in your home regularly, particularly in the warmer months, there are several ways of blocking the sun’s heat from becoming trapped by your windows. Continue reading as we discuss 5 of window treatments to consider, so you can enjoy a much cooler temperature in your home.

1) Blackout Curtains

One of the most common ways of blocking the sunlight heat is by hanging up blackout curtains. These types of curtains are designed with an extra layer of material to act as additional protection from the sun, compared to standard curtains. This extra layer has tightly-woven fibres to prevent sunlight and external heat from passing through, causing a blackout effect in the room. This is a great solution for those who want to block out sunlight and heat whilst providing privacy.

2) Window Blinds

Alternatively, window blinds offer privacy and more control over the amount of sunlight entering your home. However, window blinds don’t fully block out heat, meaning they are not as effective as blackout curtains. The secret is to choose the right type of window blinds. Honeycomb and cellular blinds tend to be the most effective at trapping air and reducing heat transfer. It’s also important to consider the colour of the blinds as darker colours can attract the sun. Instead, choose lighter shades such as white or beige to reflect the sunlight. Overall, windows blinds are a quick fix and easy to install.

3) Window Film

Another way to block heat is to apply a special thin film over the inside of your window. Window film works by reflecting heat and glare from the sun, keeping the room cool without the need of blinds or curtains. Made from multiple layers of plastic, similar to bubble wrap, creating a small space between the window and the film itself. Again, it won’t entirely block out the heat from entering, but it is ideal for homeowners who want to block out some heat whilst still being able to enjoy the natural light. 

4) External Shade

Not technically a window treatment but adding external shade to your window can certainly help. This only works if the window is facing the sun and exposed to a significant amount of sunlight. Planting a large tree near your window or installing an awning over the window will provide a decent amount of shade, blocking it from direct sunlight and preventing trapped heat. However, this may not be suitable for those living in apartment buildings or for those who have little to no garden space.

5) Double Glazing

The most effective long-term solution is installing double glazed window units. These units contain two panels of glass with a small space of argon gas between them. This specific gas is a poor heat conductor, which means it doesn’t allow external heat to pass through to the inner panel. Double glazed windows are perfect for all types and styles of homes as well as those who dislike the look of blackout curtains or window blinds but still want to block out excessive heat. 

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Ideally, you can use a combination of these window treatments. For example, blackout curtains and double glazing can give optimum results for blocking out heat. If you happen to be looking for double glazing for your Shrewsbury home, then make sure to check out your local glazing specialists at Salop Glass. We supply and fit A-rated UPVC windows and double glazing replacement units if you wish to keep your current window frame. To discuss your options further, please contact us today.