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Are New Window Treatments Worth It In Autumn 2022?

Are New Window Treatments Worth It In Autumn 2022?

7 November 2022
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Are New Window Treatments Worth It In Autumn 2022?

Whether you use blinds or curtains, most of us use some sort of window treatment in our homes or offices. You may have a single pull-down blind in the office that keeps the sun out of your eyes, or maybe you’ve put up some gorgeous curtains in your home. These little pieces of decoration serve a few purposes: they improve the appearance of your home, enhance your privacy, and also help to keep the sun out of your home. But is it worth it to invest in window treatments during the autumn?

It’s a valid question, especially when times are tough. If you’re thinking about investing in some window treatments this autumn, there are a few things you should consider: 

Do You Really Need a Window Treatment? 

We’re probably showing our bias with this one, but we must say that some windows just don’t need treatments. Brand new double-glazed windows from a reputable manufacturer like Salop Glass look fantastic as is and allow a lot of natural light – which we all know is at a premium this time of year – into your home. 

So why would you cover something like that? 

You wouldn’t. Nor should you. 

Likewise, it’s important to recognise that some window designs just don’t need window treatments. Bay windows, for example, aren’t really designed for blinds; and while you could install curtains, it would make your room look smaller, as you would be covering up most of the bay. 

The Light 

The next thing you should consider is natural light. Generally speaking, people want to maximise the amount of natural light that their home is exposed to, particularly this time of year. As a result, you may not actually need or want a window treatment in your home yet. 

Is Privacy an Issue?

If your window is facing the street, one big concern that you’ll most likely have is privacy. After all, if you can see out of your window, other people can most likely see in. As a result, you probably will need to invest in some form of window dressing, whether that be curtains or blinds.

Are Your Existing Windows Draughty?

If you have older windows, either single-paned windows or simply older double-glazed windows that have started to come out of their panes, the best way of fixing the issue is to have new, high-quality windows installed in your home. However, if you’re struggling to justify the cost of having new windows installed in your home, thick curtains can offer a level of insulation in your home. 

Windows, Doors, and Conservatories in Telford From Salop Glass

At Salop Glass, we provide our customers with high-quality windows and doors for our clients in Telford, Shrewbury, and the rest of Shropshire. Our range includes uPVC, aluminium, and timber double-glazed windows. 

For more information about our wide range of high-quality windows and double-glazing repairs in Telford and Shropshire, please get in touch with Salop Glass today. Our dedicated team will be happy to help you with your enquiries.