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Bi-Fold Doors And Your Home

Bi-Fold Doors And Your Home

29 July 2021
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Bi-Fold Doors And Your Home

In the height of summer, you might be wondering how you can decrease the indoor-outdoor divide and welcome the great outdoors, and a spot of fresh air, into your home. There are days when opening the window, or the back door, just doesn’t cut it. Have you considered Bi-Fold doors?

What Are Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-fold doors are a set of doors that usually span the width of a room, and open to one side in a concertina style. These doors have the ability to open a whole room to the exterior of your property and essentially appear as a glass wall when closed.
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Why Should I Upgrade To Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-Fold doors aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, particularly if you like to keep your indoors and your outdoors separate. However, if you are a great lover of the outdoors and want to enjoy that same feeling inside your home, bi-fold doors will allow you to create one seamless space.
Patio doors and french doors are the most common styles that people have to the rear of their home. Both styles have limited maximum sizing, whereas the bi-fold alternative allows you to utilise as much of the wall as you wish to.

Will I Require Structural Work?

Whether you require structural work to have bi-fold doors installed will be dependant upon your home, and the size of bi-fold doors that you are looking to have installed. Typically the advice is that if your new doors will be wider than your existing patio doors, you will require work to ensure that there is structural support over the space, usually by means of a concrete or steel beam over the door.

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