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Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency In The New Year With New Windows

Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency In The New Year With New Windows

6 January 2023
Energy Efficient Windows diagram

Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency In The New Year With New Windows

The average UK home loses between 10% and 20% of their heating through their windows. After the heavy spending during the Christmas period, the last thing you need is a pricey heating bill. If reducing your heating bill this new year sounds like it’s exactly what you need right now, one new year’s resolution you can make is to increase the energy efficiency of your home. This can be achieved by replacing your current windows with energy efficient windows. Especially if you’re living in an older house with single-pane windows. Making the switch can be particularly beneficial to you. 

In this article by Salop Glass, we’ll be going through our range of energy efficient windows, how they can boost your home’s energy efficiency, and reduce your future heating bills.

A-Rated Windows

Window ratings are decided by the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council). Windows can be classified in ratings between A and G, this rating informs you how effective your windows are at retaining heat.

An A-rated window indicates that it won’t lose heat as they only let out as much heat as they let in from outside. The plus (+) and minus (-) indicators give further indication into the level of efficiency, with a + grade meaning it lets in more heat than it releases.

At Salop Glass, our A-rated uPVC windows are ideal for all households that require high performing and low maintenance windows. Our excellent range of A-rated uPVC windows are suitable for all types of properties, from new builds to old houses. Even better, they’re designed to be energy efficient, meaning they stop heat from escaping, help you save money, and reduce your carbon footprint overtime. Our windows are a combination of both classic designs with modern technology.

Double Glazing

When people think of energy-efficient windows, they often think of double glazing. This is a window with a layer of argon gas placed between two panes of glass. Double glazing improves the thermal efficiency of single glazed windows, which only use a single pane of glass to retain heat. 

According to sources, double glazing is 50% more energy efficient than single-pane glass. This means huge savings if your home still has single-pane windows. In recent times, more and more homes have made the move and installed double glazed windows instead of single-pane ones. 

Composite Windows

However double-glazed windows aren’t your only choice. You could, of course, go for composite glazing instead. Composite glazing offers a similar level of energy efficiency to double-glazed windows, although with a more traditional design. This makes them an ideal choice for older homes or listed buildings with a strong heritage and history which is to be kept maintained.


A process which involves a vacuum-insulating glass made up of two thin glass units separated by a vacuum gap. This is similar to traditional double glazing. FINEO glass offers outstanding thermal performance, reduces your heating bill as well as your energy consumption in the long term.

In fact, it can be equal to triple glazing when comparing high performance. FINEO is also easy to install into an existing window frame.

To summarise, it’s important to know not only the type of glazing in a window, as it can help to  boost your energy efficiency, but also the material of the window frame. For example, uPVC windows can be more effective than materials such as aluminium and will provide an extra layer of insulation as well as the benefits of glazing. Composite and timber frames are also just as  effective.

Windows In Telford From Salop Glass

At Salop Glass, we provide our customers with high-quality windows and doors in Telford, Shrewsbury, and Shropshire. 

For more information about our range of energy efficient windows and glazing services, please get in contact with Salop Glass today. Our friendly team would be glad to help you with your enquiries.