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Can You Fix A Crack In Your Window?

Can You Fix A Crack In Your Window?

1 December 2022
A sizeable crack in the glass

Can You Fix A Crack In Your Window?

If you notice a spontaneous crack in your kitchen window, this can sound like a nightmare. We hope you don’t have this unfortunate experience but if you do, and a crack does appear, we can help you uncrack the problem! In this article by Salop Glass, we’ll explain how windows can crack for no reason and how to fix it.

What Causes Windows To Crack?

A window can crack for many reasons, generally speaking, physical damage or a thermal shock are amongst the most common culprits. A crack to your window or window frame can be a sign of ageing. Although it can seem like a window can crack for no reason, there is always an underlying factor such as poor quality of glass, scratching, temperature change, and more.

What is Thermal Shock?

When glass cools overnight, and the window gets hit with a beam of sunlight, in particular windows facing the sun, the centre of the window will experience a sudden increase in temperature. This will place unnecessary stress across the glass and increase the risk of window cracking. To prevent this, it’s worth investing in high-quality double glazed windows. Placing curtains or blinds on windows can reflect heat back across the window and distribute the heat from the sun.

Not only can external temperatures be a factor, but also internal temperatures. Winter is a time where windows experience big changes in temperature from inside your home. For example, when your heating is turned on more often. The more common risk for window cracks from inside is caused by thermal shock from a heated source, usually a radiator, or fireplace located next to your window. If you have a radiator underneath your window, we recommend hanging curtains to protect against the chances of thermal shock. 

The Effects of Window Cracks

These window cracks can bring a free entry of a cold draught or moisture into your home. If you have moisture in a crack, and it freezes, this can cause serious damage to your window frame and window. If the crack is external, and moisture enters the centre of your double glazed window, this may cause your internal pane to develop cracks on the next frosty night. We advise it’s always best to get any cracks repaired before freezing temperatures hit your area in winter.

How to Fix Your Cracked Window?

Whether you need a new window or a replacement unit, our team of professionals at Salop Glass will be happy to assist you. For high-quality window products and replacements in Shropshire, get in touch with us today.