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Considering New Windows? What About Fineo Glass?

Considering New Windows? What About Fineo Glass?

19 October 2021
fineo glass, window opening and sun shining through the it

Considering New Windows? What About Fineo Glass?

Fineo glass has been around since 2019. With it still being a relatively new option on the market, very few people have heard of it, and even fewer have invested. So what is Fineo glass, and why is it an excellent investment for your property?

What Is Fineo Glass?

Fineo is the latest in glass technology. This vacuumed glass has been tested and proven to be more energy-efficient than the latest triple glazing and almost as thin as a single pane of glass. By removing the pocket of air between the glass and creating a vacuum, the brains behind Fineo glass have reduced the need for an extra pane, and the extra space.
Vacuumed glass typically requires a plug to enable the vacuum to be increased or eased. However, Fineo glass does not require this plug, helping to increase the visual attractiveness of the glass.

Why Salop Glass Recommends Fineo

Fineo Glass has a number of unique benefits, which is why the team at Salop Glass recommend it wherever they possibly can.
Firstly, the increased level of light transmission it allows. With traditional double glazing, the pocket of air that sits between the panes can create a haze, now allowing the light to perfectly enter the room.
Customers who live in high noise pollution areas often seek the best glazing to reduce noise pollution. Thanks to the vacuum within the Fineo glass, this noise cannot penetrate as easy, allowing the glass to cancel out most noises.
The unique structure of Fineo glass means that it offers an increased level of thermal insulating performance. Ensuring that your property maintains its heat in the winter, and blocks the UV rays in the summer.

Fineo Glass For Restoration

Thanks to the ultra-thin nature of Fineo glass, it has been considered the perfect energy-efficient option for restorations around the world.
Many restorations are done on buildings that would have once displayed single pane glass. Including a number of listed buildings and properties. Meaning that to ensure that you can maintain the original appearance of the building, you need as close a match as possible.
Previously, listed buildings have required a single pane to be replaced with a single pane. However, this means that you cannot increase the energy efficiency of the building. New Fineo glass allows you to maintain the image, with increased efficiency.

Fineo Glass In The Home

Here at Salop Glass, we cannot emphasise the energy efficiency of Fineo glass enough. While modern triple glazing has increased the energy efficiency in your home, it has been outdone by the introduction of Fineo.
Alongside the efficiency, the vacuum within the glass helps to reduce the noise pollution from outside. Meaning that if you live near a busy road, a schoolyard or even an airport, you will have much better noise quality within the home.

While Fineo Glass is seen by many, including the team here at Salop Glass, as being one of the best quality glasses in 2021, we do recommend exploring all of the options available to ensure you are making the best purchase for you.
Fineo Glass has a number of excellent qualities, as does triple glazing. If the triple glazing is more in your price range, by no means do we want you to believe that you are getting a lower quality glass. The technology to create Fineo Glass is still at a premium, as double glazing once was. Triple glazing will still offer you top-class energy efficiency and home security.
If you have any questions regarding Fineo Glass, please get in touch with a member of the team today who will be happy to discuss this with you.