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Energy Efficiency And A-Rated Windows

Energy Efficiency And A-Rated Windows

22 April 2021
Hands opening to unveil a break down of the window rating

Energy Efficiency And A-Rated Windows

When it comes to having new windows fitted in your home, there are a number of buzz words that you will find, no matter where you look. These are “energy efficiency” and “A-rated”. But what do these words actually mean and is it necessary to have A-rated windows at all?

What Does A-Rated Mean

A-rated means the level of energy efficiency, heat retention and overall performance of the windows. A rated or A+ rated are the most energy-efficient windows that are currently available on the market. This rating means that your home is rated to a high standard, which can help you to reduce your household bills.

Is It Important To Have A-Rated Windows?

While there is no requirement to have A-rated windows fitted in your home, there are certainly a number of benefits to having them.
Long-Term Savings – After the initial outgoing of having your new windows installed, you will be on track to saving money on your monthly bills. A-rated windows offer better energy efficiency throughout your home, this means that you lose less heat in the winter months and can keep cooler in the summer months, leading to less heating or cooling.
Long-Term Investment – Investing in A-rated windows now can help to ensure that your windows will have a longer lifespan. Lower rated windows may be subject to scrutiny in the years to come, they also may not last as long as better rated windows.

Building Regulations

At present, there is no current requirement for A-rated windows to be installed in your home or business. However, there are building regulations that state that any dwellings must comply with an appropriate U-Value (there will be an associated energy rating to coincide with this requirement). For the latest information please contact us, or review the building regulations website.

Am I Limited To Certain Frames?

Previously, aluminium and timber-framed windows have been considered the less efficient of the options. However, thanks to modern technology, chemical differences and treatments available, this is no longer the case.
You can select the style of frame that best suits your home, your style or even your budget and you can still enjoy the best-rated windows currently available. This also includes triple glazing in many circumstances.

For more information on A-rated windows, please contact a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also head over to our knowledge hub for the answers to frequently asked questions.