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Gorgeous Conservatory Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home

Gorgeous Conservatory Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home

22 January 2024

Gorgeous Conservatory Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home

Your choice of conservatory design can impact your home massively, so we’re here to ensure you have all of the information you need to choose the right one. At Salop Glass, we manufacture energy-efficient conservatories in a range of designs to accommodate various home requirements. We’ll make sure to explain the benefits of each conservatory design idea so you can be sure what will suit you best. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

Find the Right Conservatory Design for You

Georgian Style Conservatory

As far as conservatory designs are concerned, the Georgian Style Conservatory, also known as the Edwardian Style, achieves a solid house addition that your neighbours are sure to be envious of. This clean style is classic and timeless – an enhancement that will add value to your home for years to come.

Gable Style Conservatory

The difference you’ll notice regarding visual aesthetic and kerb appeal with a Gable Style Conservatory is that it provides more of a statement for your home, with the roof designed with a high roof slope. The floor space is a similar size to the Georgian style design, but the space of the conservatory is made to feel a lot larger due to the higher roof height. This can make the space feel more airy and light, benefiting a home that is in need of more daylight than floor space.

Victorian Style Conservatory

With the addition of a Victorian Conservatory Design, your home will immediately pose vintage etiquette and wonderfully quaint kerb appeal. Designed with a bay front that can be made either angled or slightly curved, the roof of the Victorian Conservatory has a steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge. This design is most popular when installed as dining rooms or breakfast areas, but a great perk of conservatories in general, is their ability to be completely flexible to work to your household requirements.

Lean-To Style Conservatory

If your property has less space, then a Lean-To Style Conservatory Design might suit you perfectly. The beauty of this design is that it can be adapted to suit your home, meaning you can add as much extra room, light and space as you need to your living space. Additionally, this type of conservatory makes for a fantastic sunroom, so we’d especially recommend one for homeowners who want their conservatory south-facing to get the best value for money and the most beneficial house upgrade possible.

P or T Shape Conservatory

More suited to larger properties, both P or T Shape Conservatory Designs are a fantastic way to upgrade your home. This style will certainly give your home a stately, unique and sleek enhancement. An advantage of investing in a P or T Shape Conservatory is that both design styles can be tailored to combine your exact floor space needs. If you need a style that can work around your bespoke requirements, this conservatory design might just suit you down to a T (or P)!

Why Invest in a Conservatory?

The conservatory design ideas we’ve listed here might not resonate until we explain the true and valuable benefits for your household. So, let’s talk you through some of the advantages.

Firstly, conservatories offer a simple solution if you’re looking for additional space in your home. From extra space for a dining room capable of entertaining the whole family to a calm space that’s well-lit with natural light that allows you to admire your garden, we can work with your needs and provide you with the perfect conservatory design for you.

Secondly, conservatories hold the kerb appeal and add space and features, which help to increase the value of your household or property. Conservatories, certainly some of the design ideas listed here, boast comfort, relaxation and are associated with the luxury of being able to use an inside space while being surrounded by the natural feel of your outdoors. This space is beneficial for occasions and gatherings, while also being the perfect space to unwind in a quiet place.

Last, but not least, conservatories are brilliant since they are incredibly flexible, meaning you can use them for whatever you want. This could mean anything from comfy seating, throws, candles, fairy lights and relaxing music, to hot tubs, disco balls, and party songs! This space can be dedicated to being a kids’ playroom, a work-from-home office, or even a kitchen – the choice is yours!

Get in Touch With Our Experts

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